Dear Wife to Be

I hope when we get married, it will be just me and you, stars and the moon are welcome.

I hope there will be no multitude to please,

And relatives that I haven’t seen for years, that suddenly think this is a good time to drink up some beers.

I hope you and I will walk ourselves to the aisle, since only we, can tell the story of us better than anybody else.

I hope there will be no priest who thinks he knows us better than we, and his “word” will be the base that will help us not sink.

I hope there will be no “million dollar advices”, from people who spark no life, yet strongly believe they have something to say to my beautiful wife.

I hope there will be no vows, to be repeated on stage like we some crowns….just sober and rational-personal decisions.

I hope that you and I will be awake to the fact that we are not walking into a cage, but a space full of commitment, affection, and support.

I hope there will be a lot of weird staring, like I do with the nude art that lays in my house…but more importantly, I hope that we will realize, that this is about two people looking towards a similar direction, with a commitment, caring, love and affection.

Prior to this night, I hope no one will have to go down on one knee, to convince the other, of his love.

Dear wife to be, I hope you don’t mind splitting a bill… that you won’t see me less of a man, out of that.

That does not mean I’m not working hard, I have workable plans of buying a ranch, but I wouldn’t mind us debating whose home to live in.

Dear wife to be, I hope you will be brave enough to follow your dreams, because I don’t know how else to live with people, apart from cheering them on.

Dear wife to be, I hope your desire is to live for yourself, don’t live for me, no one should ever have to live for another.

Dear wife to be, I hope that sometimes, you will take trips alone, or with your friends…just go out there, live a life that does not have me within it.

Dear wife to be, I hope you will be brave enough, to hold beliefs, read books and even discuss ideas that I don’t necessarily agree with. I hope that sometimes, you can respectfully disagree with me.

Dear wife to be…I once met a girl who preferred the word partner in place of wife, because she felt that wife carried a deadly tradition…my use of wife here carries no tradition, but it may stand at the beginning of one…I hope you create a wonderful tale, one that other girls, can proudly idolize.

Dear wife to be, I know you are all these things, I don’t have to say it, because thou you stand on the shoulders of giants, you’re self made,

Dear wife to be…I know you’re one, so I don’t mind the many who will dislike this, after all, there can only be one you, and I can only hope that somehow, this piece will appear before you.

Photo credits: Instagram @africax5


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